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About Us

About Us

The Most Talented Interior
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In my home town in India in 1995 to seek broader opportunities for creativity and entrepreneurship, proceeded to establish archipoint in the same year with a humble beginning. Today, archipoint is recognized across the region on a graph of leadership position as a progressive and innovative architectural and urban design firm that is very much design-centric and client focused. Our passion is in designing buildings that are piece of architecture and inspirational in form and function and delivering “living” habitable spacesthat are superiorin aesthetics, innovative in the use of building technologies, and environmentally sustainable.
archipoint is an architectural design firm comprising of professionals who represent the architectural design stance of the new generation and believe in creating new design aesthetics through avant-garde ideas and methodologies. Our team at archipoint is well acquaint with architectural designing solutions, architectural consultancy and Interior designing, and Project Management for our clients In addition to that, we have an extensive knowledge and database on Building Construction materials and techniques, advanced services, Industrial,Commercial, Recreational and Residential design as also on low-cost, environment friendly and climatologicallysustainable
We have a passion for excellence that drives every stage of a project and we strongly believe as a group that buildings should reflect the time, the place and the culture with its unique context. The strength of archipoint lies very firmly within its people, our “archians”; my colleagues at archipoint, are passionate, creative, and dedicated individuals with one definitive aim which is to successfully design and deliver buildings that will ultimately enrich the lives of those who use them. As archipoint approaches its first decade, our goals are to continue to innovate, flame our passion for design, and to organically grow our firm as we develop our key relationships with our people, clients and partners

Who are we

archipoint is an international multidisciplinary design firm that was founded in 1995 in a town called ‘Bardoli’, located in Surat district by Dharmesh Shah Led by their 3-year professional experience, gained from different cities, archipoint has grown into a fortified firm with offices in Surat and Navsari. archipoint offers comprehensive design solutions in architecture, interior design, master planning, landscape design and construction supervision for all types of projects across all regions. Beyond architectural and design services, archipoint further assumes the responsibilities of a consultant to its clients, and offers insight and foresight for a project’s development. The integrity and principled fashion in which the team of specialists work is largely -why the firm’s reputation within the region is highly regarded and why the firm continues its legacy for design and contribute to the development of a new world city. With completing silver jubilee of professional experience to archipoint’s influence on modern worldarchitecture has been pervasive.

How are we

archipoint values a practical approach and applies it across all aspects of its services and inner workings. From a project’s aesthetics to its technical considerations, archipoint combines being designcentric and quality-driven with consideration toward building constructability. Its various qualities allow it to consistently deliver successful projects across architecture, interiordesign,master planning, landscape design and building engineering. expertise. archipoint’s architects, designers and engineers always work to provide value added services to every project, as well as enrich communities with timeless, contemporary designs. The firm is also a strong believer in environmental sustainability, and builds to meet the highest standards, which is reflected in its portfolio of inspiring sculptures of sustainable architecture. Passionate about collaboration and open communication, archipoint supports its clients from a project’s beginning to end. Executing precision and being detail-oriented when translating a client’s brief, the practice always ensures that its projects are creatively, financially and environmentally viable from the get-go.

What we do

We work closely with our clients to achieve a detailed and thorough understanding of key areas such as history, society, culture, technology and functionality of the projects. We also pride ourselves on forming and maintaining strong and respectful relationships with allied erectors & realtors, all of whom have a common goal to meet, exceed and deliver on our client’s dream. Being multi-disciplinary firm, archipoint has particular expertise in hospital, residential and commercial, education, sport and leisure design as well as master planning, mixed use, public sector, institutional and cultural projects. archipoint is committed to the belief that the quality of the built environmentis an essential part of the economic and cultural fabric of society, in which the best architectureplays a central and intrinsic role.
Archipoint, However our lineage of partnerships harks back to primitive established corporate archive of international architecture throughout the industrial and modern ages. In 1995, Dharmesh Shah led the foundation of archipoint headquarters in Bardoli. He had been practicing in the town since 1992 and saw exciting opportunities to contribute to the development of a new world city.

Our Approach

We listen, we reflect, and we develop customised concepts according to the Client’s desires and even surpassing their expectations.
We identify key points that will enhance the financial returns of a commercial development. We assist with the development of design guidelines as a set formula thus enriching Brand Identity.
Intrinsic to our designs is appropriate relevance to geographic, cultural, budgetary and business model imperatives and client-nominated criteria.
In time of excessive competition within the Hospitality and leisure market, in which all operators and developers seek answers to questions suchas:
Why should someone choose to stay in my hotel or eat in my restaurant? Why is my outlet different? Who is going to be my guest? Why? Is he my ideal type of guest? What does my guestwant?
We take pride in answering these questions with our results-oriented Our designs rather than merewords.

How we do

archipoint is a unique and modern solution to all architectural, structural and planning needs leveraging E- services in depth knowledge of internet technologies and drawing on the huge pool of experiences, one of the India's premier architecturalexpertise technical knowhow and digital delivery.
archipoint provides knowledge services that address every facet of the construction industry. This includes services relating to architecture, structure, electrical layouts, plumbing, HVAC, security and fire fighting. Each solution is customized to meet your exacting requirements, using your guidelines, procedures, nomenclature and templates ensuring compliance with local rules and regulations and where necessary licenses from the appropriate statuary bodies. Our ability to leverage technology that we have developed to coordinate groups working all over the world allows us to deliver in a cost-effective and timely manner and because our work is held to the highest international standards you can rest assured thatthe result is exactly what you need.
Our architectural design balance form and function to maximize both aesthetics and space management. we believe in the practice of architecture/ creation which has metaphysician character to cater the design in all its aspect & employed to fulfill both practical and expressive requirements of civilized people and thus embraces both utilitarianand aesthetic ends. Although these two ends may be distinguished,as they cannot be separated.

Drafting & Details

archipoint services provides established architects and consultants with a cost-effective, high quality and integrated method of augmenting your existing drafting infrastructure.


Never worry about being able to cope with new jobs or demanding clients. archipoint services can scale up instantly to accommodate your immediate needs. our project managers and integrated management tools guarantee easy transitions and quick scaling when, if you want it.


Our quality assurance methods ensure that our outputs verified at multiple levels and several times prior to being passed along to you affording you peace of mind and the confidence that comes from dealing with a trusted partner. This is abundantly demonstrated by the fact that our clients re brand our drawings as theirown.


archipoint serviced are priced reasonably and should work out substantially lower than your current costs. We owe this to our leverage in India the destination of choice for all sort of global outsourcing economies of scale and the highly competitive nature of our service.
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The Process We Follow


Concept Creation


Planning & Selections


Development Styling

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